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Fast & Easy Pressure Testing of Tubes - Sealing external diameters

Wherever straight tubes and bores have to be leak, pressure or vacuum tested, WEH® Connectors are the perfect tool. WEH® Test Connectors reliably seals external tubes – of both small and large diameter.


The integrated jaw locking mechanism allows for connection to the outer tube diameter in just seconds – without tedious hand tightening. By using WEH® Connectors you will benefit from the protection of operators’ joints and reduced surface pressure on the test piece minimising deformation.

WEH® Connectors feature a clamping or hand lever actuation offering ease of operation. This simple actuation ensures reduced connection times which achieve a significant increase in productivity and considerable cost savings.

WEH® Test Connectors TW241 with clamping lever

For optimum operator safety the ingenious WEH design with an internal pressure support maintains a secure connection to the test piece until pressure has decreased to a safe value – only then can disconnection take place.

The quick connectors are mainly used in the refrigeration and climate control industry for leak testing of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, valves, compressors, air conditioning and heating systems and many other components. They are also widely used in the automotive industry for testing cooling systems.

The WEH® TW141 Test Connector is ideally suited for pressure and vacuum testing of straight tubes with an outer diameter of Ø 6.0 mm to 22.2 mm / 7/8“ and rated for both vacuum and high pressures up to 100 bar max. The hand lever actuation enables single-handed operation avoiding, at the same time, the build-up of transverse forces and damage to the test piece when connecting.

The simple clamping lever actuation of the TW241 allows for fast & easy leak testing of straight tubes e.g. copper tubes in the HVAC-R industry (rated for vacuum and pressures up to 70 bar max.). The connector is available for external tube diameters of 6.0 mm to 22.2 mm (7/8“) and compensates for tube tolerances of up to ± 0.25 mm. Seal adjustment is not necessary within this tolerance range.

WEH also offers connectors for sealing internal tube diameters. Innovative WEH solutions consistently offer the right connection to meet your ever changing application needs!


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